The Jungle Book Could Be a Game-Changer

Last night, I saw the new version of Disney’s The Jungle Book. This movie is touted as a live-action version of the 1967 classic. But…’s not? There’s only one live action aspect to this film. Neel Sethi, the boy who plays Mowgli in his acting debut, is the only member of the cast to even have step foot on a soundstage. Every other aspect of the film is entirely digitally created. Some are based off of foam dummies and place holders, but none are rotoscoped (animated over actual film), like the film Avatar. All of the characters, environments, and pretty much everything you see in the film are entirely created by animators.

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What’s a Woman Candidate if People Don’t Lose Their Shit?


I’m not one to talk about presidential candidates in a blog post. It’s just too exhausting to get into the nitty gritty of policy and what I think works, doesn’t work, what’s in my best interest, etc. just to be shouted into the void. So I’m not going to talk about policy or who I really support or any of that in this post. Just a disclaimer.

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