What We’re Missing About the Aziz Ansari Story

There are two articles floating around about this–the Babe.net article, and one published by The Atlantic. The former, is an angry tell-all seemingly designed to bring down Ansari much like the other men who are (rightfully) meeting a career demise. The second, is an equally inflammatory reaction, about the dangers of women now, and our inability to speak up in uncomfortable sexual situations. Both of these articles misunderstand the relevance of this story.

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What’s a Woman Candidate if People Don’t Lose Their Shit?


I’m not one to talk about presidential candidates in a blog post. It’s just too exhausting to get into the nitty gritty of policy and what I think works, doesn’t work, what’s in my best interest, etc. just to be shouted into the void. So I’m not going to talk about policy or who I really support or any of that in this post. Just a disclaimer.

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