Which Friends Thanksgiving Episode Should You Watch Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Cancer: The One with Chandler in a Box

Cancers are fiercely loyal and devote family above all else, so you’ll love the old timey camaraderie and friendship-conquers-all vibe of this ep. Also Cancers are petty and dramatic af so you’ll LOVE Monica trying to hook up with her ex’s son and Chandler locking himself in a box.


Aquarius: The One with the Late Thanksgiving

Aquariuses (Aquarii?) are eccentric, adventurous, and like things to go their way. You’d disrobe a Cabbage Patch Kid for that $1000, for sure.


Pisces: The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs

Pisces is the dreamiest of signs. Sometimes you even get so involved in dreams and fantasy that they find it hard to focus on reality. Like Rachel might be in this episode? Because if Tag doesn’t like her back, then it’s all a moo point.


Aries: The One with Rachel’s Other Sister

As the most cantankerous of the signs, you obviously should watch the episode where Rachel’s bitch of a sister comes around to stir shit up.


Taurus: The One With All the Thanksgivings

As the sign that loves order and predictability, of course a good old fashioned flashback episode is perfect for you! And aren’t flashback episodes what Thanksgiving and early 2000s sitcoms are all about?


Gemini: The One Where Ross Got High

Gemini’s are known for sometimes being fickle and flighty, like pretty much everyone in this episode. Plus with your adventurous and curious nature, I bet you’ve always been wanting to try Rachel’s meat-trifle. Gross.


Leo: The One with the Late Thanksgiving

Honestly I’m not sure what the traits of your sign are and this episode is pretty not memorable so here we are.


Virgo: The One Where Underdog Gets Away

You should watch this episode because it’s one of the best and Virgos know what’s good for them. You have a tendency to prioritize others’ needs, remaining grounded and pragmatic, but virgs are also entertaining and witty, if not a little too sarcastic. Perfect amounts of cynical Chandler and fussy Monica in this ep for you to relate to.


Libra: The One with the List

Indecisive and logical, you are SO Ross in this episode. Sooo not chill


Scorpio: The One with the Football

Scorpios are known for not living life, but attacking it. You would be so at home in this competitive episode. And you probably understand why Monica jumped in the river to save the Geller cup.


Sagittarius: The One Where Ross Got High

As a seeker of wisdom and truth, you’d also love this episode. Mostly for the part where they’re all yelling each other’s secrets–“I LOVE JACQUES COUSTEAU” doesn’t get any more truthful than that.


Capricorn: The One With the Rumor

Capricorns are known for holding grudges, so you’ll love this one where a salty af Brad Pitt hates Rachel from her high school days. You’ll also love it for the pure vindication of his patheticness if you’re like me and are still mad at Brad Pitt for what he did to Jennifer Aniston.



























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